Math and English 7/8
Mr. Huynh and Ms. Caiss

Equation of Me - Grading Rubric

WEIGHT Score: 0 Score: 1 Score: 2 TOTALS
Math Equation
An equation is not present or is missing an equal sign. 
The equation does not contain the minimum number of descriptors or not written with coefficients.
The equation has the required number of descriptors, correct coefficients (listed in descending order), has a career goal written in parenthesis, has an equal sign, and the full name of the student.
Typed Essay
A final essay is not present or is less than half written.
The final essay is missing one or two descriptors, missing an explanation of a career goal, paragraphs written may not meet the required minimum number of sentences, or the introduction or conclusion is missing.
The essay has been typed with an introduction, a conclusion, and a paragraph explaining why each descriptor is important to the student.  Each paragraph has at least 5 sentences. 
Organization 1
The project is not organized according to the guidelines.  It is hard to distinguish the final essay from the drafts.
An attempt was made to organize the project, but does not follow the guidelines nor the model used in class. 
The project is organized with the equation at the top of the page, followed by the written essay.  All drafts are included and stapled to the back. 
Technical 2
The project was not spelled checked nor proofed for grammatical errors and "text speak."  The essay is difficult to read as a result.
The project has no more than a combination of 5 spelling errors, "text speak", and grammatical errors. 
The project has no spelling errors and "text speak", and may have minor grammatical errors.